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Vitamin D3 with K2

Vitamin D3 with K2

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Vitamin D3 with added K2 for best cellular absorption.

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    Healthy Bones

    Vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of calcium and helps support healthy blood levels of calcium and phosphorus, which promotes healthy bones and joints. It is essential for both children and adults.

    Supports the Immune System

    Vitamin D3 with K2 tablets is really important for the body and the immune system in particular. It may support the immune system and promote the creation of white blood cells.

    Supports Healthy Brain Function

    Vitamin D3 has been associated with a variety of bodily processes, including the brain's function. Vitamin D3 receptors may be found in various parts of the brain and spinal cord. Vitamin D assists you by promoting normal nerve growth.

    Mood Support

    You may support your mood by taking a Vitamin D3 supplement or increasing your sun exposure.



    Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 strengthens the bones, muscles, and joints. It helps strengthen the immune system. It also helps in the prevention of certain kinds of cancer. It also assists in improving brain function and enhances your mood. It is also an excellent aid in weight loss. It also helps in the reduction of risks of infectious diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and type 2 diabetes. It also helps in treating people who have a deficiency of vitamin D or related disorders such as rickets and osteomalacia.


    Vitamin K2

    Vitamin K2 contributes to bone metabolism and skin health, promotes adequate brain function, and helps in the maintenance of a healthy heart. Moreover, it is also essential in the way the body uses calcium to aid the building of bones and muscles. It also plays a vital role in the inhibition of calcification of blood vessels. It also helps lower the risk of damage to the cardiovascular system.